Our Vision


Miracle Baptist is a Southern Baptist church focused on providing a community of faith where the Gospel is preached, the Word is taught, seekers are welcomed, and believers are matured and equipped for service in the Kingdom of God.

Our church has adopted a vision for ministry which can be summarized in four simple words Reach, Connect, Grow, Serve.  This ministry focus declares that the operation of all church ministries and programs will be focused on reaching the lost, creating opportunities for people to connect to God and other Christians, while carefully nurturing them through the biblical process toward maturity and service.

This is the biblical model demonstrated by Jesus as he ministered during his ministry and is based on Matthew 28:19-20, often called the Great Commission, and Ephesians 4:11-16 which describes the functioning of a healthy church body in the service of Christ.

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Reaching the lost through home visitation, personal invitation, relevant ministry, missions, web site, flyers, advertising, and signage and other methods as the Lord leads to bring them into contact with our church ministry.


Creating a personal connection as people attend our church - from the greeting they receive until they leave. Conducting a genuine worship experience through music, preaching of the Gospel, and other methods as the Lord leads creating an environment where the Lord is glorified and each person comes face to face with the living God. Once a person is saved, we get them connected to a small group such as Sunday School class and assign a mentor to keep them connected.


Provide ministry and educational opportunities that prepare the person to live the true Christian life. Our focus is providing a clear biblical understanding of the nature and character of God and then teaching them how to live out the commands of God in their daily lives. The various ministry activities focus on personal and corporate growth.


As the Christian grows, we expect that every member will serve in some capacity using their Spiritual Gifts to serve. This service creates increasing confidence and joy growing the desire to tell others about the Lord. The cycle continues.